for Shasta

together cause to stand. system.
mutually turned into one. universe.
to gape, I yawn. chaos.
of this world. cosmic.

away from the sun. aphelion. 
the upper pure, bright air to burn. ether.
not a cutting. atom.
age of man. world.

period of life. age.
about the whole. catholic.
not to be. agnostic.
a taking or choosing. heresy. 

the valley of sacrificed children. gehenna.
man courage. wormwood.
near kindred. flesh.
that which flowers. blood.

to mark with blood. bless.
carry away secretly. spirit.
to bring into confusion. war.
that which is invoked. god.

situated above. supreme.
not to have. empty.
to lie on. incubate.
corruption of the virgin. marry.

flowing poison. virus. 
one who has been initiated. mystic.
to hide together. conceal.
turning point in a disease. crisis.

to lay eggs. warp. 
the eye socket. orbit.
wandering star. planet.
to carry across. transport.

smooth over. oblivion.
letting go. forgetting.
legal property. possession. 
nothing but a thing. reality.

steadfast as an oak. true.
to find one's way. sense.
secure against falling. stable.
free from care. secure.

sorrow, anxiety, grief. care.
quality of setting apart. secrecy. 
to the side. apart. 
indefinite continuous hardening. time.


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