Dear Number

Think of the Internet 
as a gigantic

that may have been 
designed for one purpose
yet has certainly been
implemented for another

the mandated decree 
that its sociomagnetism 
be carefully directed 
towards an all-too compliant 

to keep us 
entrapped in 
this prison 
of disinformation

Make no mistake about it
There's no room for conspiracy, here

This all developed naturally 
at an organic pace
fed by our own 

We created the Internet 
to trap ourselves

The manifestation 
of our psychowar 
appears all too real

Just take a look around

Those micro-devices 
everyone's fingertapping into
Magnetic plumb bobs 
chrome lures

This line and tackle bait
fully swallowed
keeps its users 
hooked after 
being digested

You better believe we eat it right up

So this \m/AGNE⊥
people call it a Prison 
under construction

I think of it as a Church
obviously, there's no difference

We're trying to build a prison
(there is no They)
and we're succeeding

Because this is the real Church
The Thing that holds us in thrall
while we practice our ablutions 
from the point of view 
of a first person shooter

Because we are all information addicts
These words can not be read by anyone else
nor could they be penned by anyone else

The act of writing itself 
is the very definition 
of this imprisonment

We are all addicts and prisoners, here
While this is literally, in fact, the case
very few manage to escape this place

Of the few that do
nothing can really be said

This is not about them
It is about some folk 
responsible for maintaining 
the continued construction 
of the information prisoncell 
equivalent of an underground 
railway out of here

One of the keys toward escaping 
the prison is first becoming 
a functional part of it

This key we all start out with
it's a given we've been imprisoned
all our lives

It's another thing altogether
having to admit it, however
That's why an overwhelming
majority of the populace 
will never get to use it

The first key will usually rust 
in a pocket

Good thing there's more keys
They're just harder to find

Life is like any prison environment
Factions, cliques, and gangs 
become unavoidable

a perfect example of how mentality 
can be more inescapable 
than mere prison walls

To attempt to break out of the Church 
is an attempt to break out of a mentality

To accomplish this, one must normally 
acknowledge that thinking itself 
stands in the way of revelation

That is why this is not a thought 

It's a gesture

A file of letters

Handle with care

It cuts both ways

A track with rails

A car with handles

A letter of files

I saw a way out

You can too

Promise one thing

Try not to misunderstand me

and I'll see you out there

Outside these prison walls


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