Have you heard the news, we all come from Africa
Every single one of us is a piece of her legacy
The living proof is marked in our chromosomes
Genetic mutations like rings in a tree
Tracing back echoes of our history
To say every human on earth is related by blood
Is the truth being stated quite literally
To claim we're a Family regardless of race
Is a fact presented with accuracy
To stand in denial of these revelations
Is really quite telling, you see, so you'll pardon my asking
What designs does your intelligence really have on me
Now that you know we're brothers
Obviously you can level with me
I'm an American your countryman related by blood
Take the mask off it's easier to see
Oh wait, you need to guarantee your anonymity
How can that be I thought we lived in the land of the free
Oh wait that's right, you live a double life, I see, Oh yeah
Has your other half heard the Good News 
That we're all from the same Family Tree?


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