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We entered corrosive identifications  until the normally constructed wall's  veneer was finished, yet take a look
Here it is despite this tired distance    The minutest of fissures appears  dimmer than one could imagine
One of the turrets over this fortress  falls apart even as we fluent in rotting  smiles continue securing it


An old lady 
in a grimy 
house gown 

lids half opened
revealed perfect 
unstaring eyes

wrinkled lips remained
half snagged on
yellowing teeth

I strapped on latex gloves
and touched and prodded 
and felt the skin

I rubbed the fore
head with my fingers
trying to massage 

her quietly awake 
I played with the eye
lids pulling them back 

up with my fingertips 
then released them 
and watched as they 

slowly shuthalfway 
back down in silence 
It was hard to believe 

those eyes remained 
sightless so I reached 
over and held her hand


A head emerges from the limitless

Providing nine emanations

Before this the earth was desolate

The crowns of old kings had been lost

Their wearers dead for ages

Back when nothing faced itself

Until the day arrived

The vestments of honor were communicated

By this crowning countenance

Carrying nine seeds born to echo

Held dormant in trinities within

Their own dark equilibrium

Incomprehensible and as yet unseen

Though heralded to ascend

From never into being ever after

The simple triple trinity

Annealing complicity

Keeping the mystery secret through

Forging a cranium for crystalline dew

With victorious skin made of ether


Permit the impossible
Admit the insane
Acknowledge nothing Reject established reason
Allow for some logic Authorize sanity Concede everything Accept the unestablished
Demand paradox Sanction the poetic Question the finite Supersede creation


for Franz and Bill

Stranded in a realm strangely familiar
I shield my gaze with my hand and a groan
Escapes. A soft light begins to arc up
And over the horizon, defying
The black logic of this infinite plane
Splitting the universe into two halves
There are no horizons. Fused with the air
The cruelest reward for purpose: despair
And total silence, as my voice that laughs
Is snatched away to another refrain
And returned into meltdown as crying
In fetal parody, my cup offered
The dawn desiccates my chances for home
The dormant seed teaches me: NO DEATH HERE


for Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Dim forms hover near a shadowed path
Reach in with bent fingers to crook my delusions
Do I have to hold on to them yet again
Do I really need this

Go ahead and infest me, i'm accustomed to it
As your tyranny unwinds from the mist
Within my breast agelessness endures
Fanned by your factorys' scorching fires

Loving shadows flit from darker forest
And wash into bleached memories of
Love's first shattered against friendships forged
Half dissolves in memory as the first plundered lust

Resurrects grief whose echoes track the past
Over life's eclipsed hedge maze
Now barren revealing intimates from the dawn
Torn from me by destiny

They don't hear my later melodies
Those to whom I used to sing
That crowd dissolved long ago
Eulogized into silence

My song resounds among strangers now
And their praises make me wince
For those who used to listen with held breath
Now wander far apart if not in death

My spirit feels an alien desire
Pine toward the p


I don't know humans
from the stuttering
shells of machine guns

I don't know
soldiers from saints
I can't tell a razor blade

from an ink pen
I can't tell a gun shot from a kiss
I don't see the difference

between jackals and police men
or carnivals and prisons
shackles and tennis shoes

sidewalks and clouds
coffins and bath tubs
I see no distinction between

inhumation and orgasm
among boot heels hammer blows
orchestral music screaming

heart beats screaming
screaming thunder bolts
melt down laughter whispering

dreaming, I suspect no reason
to make a connection between
the aforementioned

as surely as I don't
know them
from you


for Kyle

Glass blown ash trays embossed in silver caught
the dropped excess of a generation's shrugged off after
thought and here I sat the grand kid who bought
into all of that left with a legacy of corrective lenses
scattered across the table top with a candle and a
bowl of sand reminded of how we're distracted to
see clearly by those diligent to the status tug of war
the radiant seventh letter in the compass and the quadrant
to receive the tapped sacrament of four Cuban cigars
was the crafted destiny of this charming rugged heirloom
to grant a new dawn with balanced diplomacy seemed to be
the message embedded in the lead crystal the dragon fetus
in the pyramid spawned by the pornography of science just
goes to show how to fill an ash tray with my grand father'smemory


Doverstock, 1986

hold my hand
Notice how everything but our hands
becomes hand

This is how it is
you and I
We are held in everything's palm

at my eyes
See how all but our eyes
is eye
We are watched by everything's eye

your mouth against mine
This is my joy
to kiss
and be kissed by the universe


for Craig Fields

. . . His sigh
broke the stillness
with a weighted delicacy

as if to say
stand . . .

and each word
bled slowly
as from a wounded mouth


my face shuffled the subtle expressions of terror

the moment was brief

and so quiet


for Brian Eno

Upon a time once in the middle of the night
when clouds rushed to cover the moon and
an overcast fog kept the stars hidden from sight
Ba-umf emerged from his shadow
in the absence of light

He was on a journey to the well of sadness
For there he'd heard an echo of a tale which
whispered on the unfamiliar wind of leeks hills
a deadbeat trance on the railroad tracks singing
in that shrill metal scream diminishing

Like a knife sharpened on one side after
having gleamed in the moonlight of a clearing
on Dunwich Beach in the autumn of 1960
the well's throat is parched and it drinks you up

In a measured room a basement by an inland sea
Deep enshrouded Ba-umf ascends to the blessed
through the three tiers of the Cernunnos Woods
before the Order of the Dragon upon a time
held fast to its final track


A different vehicle for staring
The seperate outlet of look
Sight captured by no one
Eminently describable

Any missing puzzle pieces fit
The world's face reknits
beneath the skin. In the center
of the pupil the portal irises open

Another mask woven for a new vision
Formed of bones dissolved below
the surface. Seeing the world clearly
through the silence of a vacuum

From the point of view behind
the stars before they were made
to mark the skies as another
disguise for seeing


the mountain's outline

a heap of sleeping faces

dreaming about us


Black outside is the

night. Stars. Clouds. Rain. Flash lightning—

Thunder. Morning comes


When each one shouts
from their dominion

the plexiglass warps
and stars between them

This is what you see of
another's reality

a clouded blur or face
plate webbed opaque

Being together transient
and fleeting at best

solitude forever sealed within
and taken to the depths of oblivion

A guy shouts "see you later"
from the street

after the echo of his voice fades
up in your mindpartment

You discover another other 
valleys and peaks

of a fruiting reality 
that keys with your own

and others with whom 
you key anguplanarly

and together you file 
against one another

and against the rest of the world
buffing the purest love bullets

that will break the glass
to raise the dead


Dear Number

Think of the Internet
as a gigantic

that may have been
designed for one purpose
yet has certainly been
implemented for another

the mandated decree
that its sociomagnetism
be carefully directed
towards an all-too compliant

to keep us
entrapped in
this prison
of disinformation

Make no mistake about it
There's no room for conspiracy, here

This all developed naturally